Alcohol Rehab Hawaii
Alcohol Rehab Hawaii

Are you looking for the best alcohol rehab in Hawaii? If so, look no further. Maui Recovery is uniquely qualified and equipped to provide world-class alcohol addiction treatment. Here, you can get specialized treatment for alcohol abuse disorder, learn about your disorder, and get the tools you need to stay sober long into the future.

Tips to Stop Drinking

Alcohol can be psychologically addictive and physically addictive. Let's look at the top five tips to help you stop drinking.

Tip #1: Put it in Writing

Do you keep a journal or a whiteboard to plan, project, and track your progress in your day-to-day activities? Often, something as simple as putting your ideas in writing can have a profound effect on you, encouraging you to take action more than if you just think or verbalize our need to stop drinking. Keep a journal, keep a drinking diary. Write down your thoughts and feelings every time you have a drink.

Tip #2: Set a Goal

It's one thing to journal and to keep track of your drinking and how you feel about it, but it's another thing to set a goal. Your goal can be a quit date, or it can be a goal on how you intend to cut back your drinking.

Tip #3: Don't Keep Alcohol in Your Home

If you have a problem with drinking, then having alcohol in your home is a great way to set yourself up for failure. Pour your booze down the bathtub and forget about it. This way, when an urge comes up to drink again, you'll have to travel to get it. Each time you drink, pour the remainder of it down the drain.

Tip #4: Assign Yourself Three Alcohol-Free Days

There are seven days in a week. This means that three days is less than half of the days in a week. Plan three nights of the week where you will not drink. Make sure you give yourself plenty to do on these days so that you can minimize the chance of being bored or being somewhere where alcohol is served.

Tip #5: Stay Busy

By staying busy, you can keep yourself away from the people, places, and things that often lead you to drink. If you keep yourself busy, you will be less likely to want to use alcohol, especially if you are engaged in wholesome activities. For example, consider purchasing a membership to a gym. When you feel like drinking, go to the gym and give yourself a hard workout. By the time you are finished, drinking will likely be the last thing on your mind.

Bonus Tip: Get Professional Help

Don't wait until it's too late to realize that it's too late! Get the help you need while you still can. Maui Recovery is an alcohol rehab in Hawaii that specializes in alcohol abuse disorder treatment. If you or a loved one needs help, separate yourself from the environment that is fostering your alcohol abuse, and get clean in an alcohol rehab that understands the nature of the problem.

Alcohol Rehab Hawaii
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Alcohol Rehab Hawaii
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