Coolsculpting Miami
Coolsculpting Miami

Elevate Miami undoubtedly provides the best CoolSculpting in Miami. Losing weight is a constant struggle that men and women face, no matter their age. CoolSculpting is a safe and effective fat reduction procedure based on real science.

Removing stubborn fat cells from problem areas with cutting edge freezing technology also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Through extensive research and clinical trials, specialists have proved that fat cells are responsive to frigid temperatures.

Fat cells can even be frozen, which will result in them dying off. The human body naturally eliminates dead cells from the body within one to three months. Areas treated with CoolSculpting for cellulite lose up as much twenty-five percent of excessive fat. The fat freezing process provides long term results that last. Those who want to treat multiple areas of the body will find that the Food and Drug Administration has approved nine treatment areas.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite with Miami Cellulite Treatment Options

Cellulite reduction in Miami, FL, helps reduce unsightly bulges under the chin and underneath the jawline. These areas are some of the most commonly treated sections of the body. However, CoolSculpting can also treat underneath the buttocks and the flanks of the body. Clients may even treat their thighs, backs, and sections of the upper arms. The treatment is practically painless, but clients may experience tingling sensations and intense coldness.

Clients can also feel pulling or tugging sensations on the area of the body being treated. Once the process is finished, there might be evidence of swelling and redness, but the side effects are short-lived. Skin firmness, tenderness, and bruising are all common side effects related to laser treatment for cellulite. Cramping and skin sensitivity are also normal after experiencing CoolSculpting treatments. There are a few rare side effects, such as an enlargement of the treated sections.

Time Length of CoolSculpting Treatments in Miami, Florida

CoolSculpting treatments can take up to thirty-five minutes, but the time length depends on multiple factors. The location of the treatment and the size of the treated area determine how long the procedure takes. It is possible to treat more than one area of the body during one session. The more treatment areas involved, the longer the session will last.

The required number of treatments for each client is also different. A medical professional from Elevate Miami can help determine how many sessions are needed to achieve success for all clients. Results can appear in as little as one month, but most clients do not see results until three months after treatment. While this procedure is tremendously beneficial to some clients, it is unfortunately not an option for everyone.

Gaining Weight After CoolSculpting Sessions

It is possible to gain weight after CoolSculpting. All clients are encouraged to combine healthy eating habits with routine exercise programs to achieve the best results. Anyone interested in learning more about the services offered at Elevate Miami should dial 305-359-5569 for details. Appointments for new clients interested in CoolSculpting are available for the taking!

Coolsculpting Miami