Drug Rehab Bakersfield
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Drug Rehab Bakersfield

According to research, about 19.7 million adults were battling drug addiction in 2017. About 74% of adults with substance use disorder were struggling with alcohol addiction. Meanwhile, 38% of adults struggled with illegal drug use addiction. In the same year, every 1 out of 8 adults battled with alcohol and drug addiction. Statistics further show that 8.5 million adults struggled with mental health issues and substance addiction. Addiction and drug abuse have led to an annual loss of $740 billion in healthcare expenses, workplace productivity, and crime-related costs. There are over 13,000 substance abuse treatment centers in the USA.

Causes of Addiction

Genetics account for up to 60% of the risk of addiction. It is common to find a family where a parent and a child battle with addiction. Environmental factors such as abuse, peer pressure, poor academic performance, and an unstable home environment can also cause addiction. Exposure to a community or family that is nonchalant about drugs can make teenagers feel like it is also okay to use drugs and eventually leads to addiction. People with mental health disorders are at risk for substance use and addiction. Such patients are usually given medication to help mitigate the disorders, and over time they tend to abuse them.

Drug and alcohol abuse is scary. It is worse if you struggle with substance abuse or alcohol addiction and do not know how to stop. Intensive outpatient addiction treatment centers offer round-the-clock medical detox, premium treatment plans, and ongoing care. If you have alcohol or drug addiction issues and need a solution, please reach out to any of the best drug and alcohol rehab near me for help.

Statistics on addiction

Whether it is issued with cocaine, opioids, alcohol, or any substance, addiction kills thousands of people yearly. Addiction is a mental disorder that forces people to use substances or engage in behaviors repeatedly despite the dangerous consequences. Addictions cause strains in friendship, relationship, marriage, and career. In addition, it is a threat to the safety and health of an individual.

Over 21 million Americans have an average on one addiction, and only 10% go to treatment facilities for drug and alcohol addictions. Since 1990 the drug overdose deaths have tripled. Between 1999 to 2017, over 800,000 Americans died from a drug overdose, and the number continues to multiply yearly. The U.S economy loses $600 billion annually to drug and alcohol addiction. Crimes and DUIs due to alcohol and drug influence are on an all-time rise. Alcohol is the most abused substance in the United States, yet it is usually left untreated. Alcohol addiction is dangerous to mental, physical, and social wellbeing. Yearly, alcohol is the cause of 5.3% of deaths. Alcohol addiction is not just a U.S problem. It continues to affect over 300 million people worldwide. An average of 30 Americans dies daily in alcohol-related automobile accidents, while six Americans die daily from alcohol poisoning.

Most outpatient rehab treatment centers handle opioids addiction. Opioids are drugs that block pain sensations and cause euphoria. They are highly dangerous since they have a high risk of overdose and addiction. Opioids are significant ingredients in pain-relieving medications. Because they are controlled substances, they are most times sold illegally. Illegal and prescribed opioids have led to about 130 overdose deaths daily.

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