Drug Rehab For Couples

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Drug Rehab For Couples

Couples Recovery Rehab is a leading  drug rehab for couples with high-end amenities, compassionate clinical staff, and comfortable accommodations. While overcoming addiction can be a taxing phase in anyone's life, we make it easier for our patients with a combination of holistic and evidence-based treatments and therapies.

Difference between drug rehab for couples vs. regular rehabs

Drug rehab centers for couples offer treatments that address the unique needs of individuals in an intimate relationship. Our drug rehabilitation treatment for couples includes medical detox, integrated behavioral couples therapy, couple counseling sessions, and 12-step meetings for married and cohabiting couples. The couples rehab program focuses on restructuring the dysfunctional couple interactions and equips them with essential tools to attain sobriety. At our couples drug rehab, we also help couples identify each others' triggers and encourage them to tackle them efficiently.

Alternatively, regular rehabs focus on addressing individual addiction needs and helping patients attain their recovery goals. Typically rehab programs follow a step-by-step process that starts with medical detox and ends with ongoing care programs. The goal is to help both partners successfully overcome their addiction condition, heal their emotional trauma, and work through their relationship struggles.

Couples therapy for a substance use disorder

Addiction can take a severe toll on the relationship and the children (if any). While there are several rehabs to address substance abuse and help individuals overcome their addiction condition, very little help is available for the spouses or partners of the addict.

They are the ones to feel the repercussions like financial struggles, legal troubles, verbal abuse, etc., first-hand. Couples rehab therapy acts as an outlet for both the addict and his/her spouse/partner/loved-one and helps them overcome their relationship struggles together, enabling them to come out of rehab stronger than before.

Difference between couples therapy and couples rehab?

Couples therapy is a type of behavioral therapy focusing on helping patients recognize and resolve the conflicts between them. Licensed marriage counselors and family therapists moderate these sessions and help couples see and understand each of their shortcomings and enable open communication between them. 

The effects of substance abuse do not end with the addict alone, it also affects their loved ones, spouses, or partners. Married couples or those in a relationship often go through a rough patch if one or both partners have a substance use condition. Couples addiction treatment helps the addicted partner and addresses the pain inflicted on the other person in the relationship. Couples rehab helps rebuild trust between both people, equips them with essential skills to value each other, and trains them to accept the other person's shortcomings and overcome them together.

Contact Couples Recovery Rehab today at (949) 502-2001 to speak with an addiction treatment specialist. As the best drug rehab for couples, we help couples heal their trauma collectively and prepare them to lead a healthy, happier, and sober life after treatment. It is a necessary step towards overcoming addiction fast, safely, and effectively.