Drug Treatment Dfw

Article provided by: Ascendus Behavioral Health

Drug Treatment Dfw

For reliable, smooth, and safe rehabilitation from addiction, we recommend contacting Ascendus Behavioral Health immediately. Our drug treatment in DFW offers patients the opportunity to regain their mental, social, and spiritual freedom. If you’ve completed the inpatient treatment and seek ways to further your sobriety goals, our outpatient programs are ideal for you.

What’s next after inpatient drug treatment?

Completing the inpatient/residential treatment is essential for safe and reliable recovery from addiction, but it isn’t enough long-term. For long-term stability and sobriety, most recovering addicts require extensive support, guidance, and professional assistance. We rely on IOP, PHP, and long-term aftercare programs to provide patients with continuous guidance and expert assistance after completing the inpatient treatment.

An outpatient program is a non-intensive form of treatment, relying on therapy, counseling, support groups, medication management, and family therapy to promote healing and sobriety. Our goal is to help patients:

  • Rebuild their lives after rehab
  • Strengthen their commitment to sobriety
  • Help other individuals in the same situation, share their experiences, and exchange mutual support
  • Learn about addiction and its psychological, physical, and social repercussions
  • Envision new life goals
  • Strive to become better human beings, healthier, more empathetic, and more responsible, etc.

What happens in outpatient rehab?

The outpatient program relies on several hours of treatment per week, depending on your needs and availability. You usually have around nine hours of treatment weekly, involving medication management, behavioral therapies, individual counseling, support groups, and family meetings. We also offer 12-step meetings throughout the treatment, allowing you to interact with other patients, hear their stories, and learn from their experiences as they will learn from yours.

The purpose of the outpatient rehab program is to help you reintegrate into society and become self-sufficient, responsible, and financially and socially independent. During our drug treatment in DFW, you will grow into a healthy and mature individual with clear long-term goals and an unbreakable determination to bring them to life. You will have a team of clinicians, health advisors, and counselors ready to assist you with any issue that may arise.

Why outpatient treatment is necessary for recovery from addiction

Most inpatient facilities advertise their programs as be-all-end-all treatments, but that’s not how drug rehabilitation works. Since drug addiction is a chronic disorder, it goes without saying that the treatment usually lasts for a lifetime, and it comes in the form of long-term management. No matter how effective the inpatient program is, the relapse risk will always remain, even years after completing the program.

Our drug treatment in DFW relies on outpatient rehab programs to help patients embrace long-term sobriety and understand how to cope with their problems in the long run. At our facility, you will learn about relapse prevention, avoiding social triggers, contain your cravings, and adopting a healthy and sober lifestyle over the years.

We advise you to call Ascendus Behavioral Health today for an in-depth discussion about your problems and our available solutions. Act today make an appointment soon, and your life will never be the same again!

Drug Treatment Dfw
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Drug Treatment Dfw
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