Family/Couples Therapy & Support

Family Involvement
Addiction of any person in the family affects the entire family dynamic; therefore, family involvement is critical to the successful recovery of a client. At Wildwood Recovery, we encourage the participation of the family by providing counseling and support throughout the recovery process. It is vital that the family understands the addiction process and learns how to support recovery, once the client is ready to return to the home environment. This transition time is crucial for a success.

At Wildwood Recovery, we emphasize the importance of the family to provide an environment that reduces the stress on those that are recovering, while encouraging taking responsibility for his or her life. We provide tailor-made sessions for the family or for couples. Group sessions are available where families of clients can express concerns and receive support and input for dealing with continued recovery at home. Our overall treatment goal is to provide a well-rounded program that includes addiction management for clients and those most closely affected.