Rancho Cucamonga bio spill response team
Rancho Cucamonga bio spill response team

K-VAC Environmental Services is a Rancho Cucamonga bio spill response team that provides trauma cleanup, crime scene cleanup, and biohazard cleanup. In a bio spill scenario, there is absolutely zero benefits of cleaning the mess yourself, and to do so could either put you in danger or be a devastating experience. At K-VAC Environmental Services, our professional bio spill safety experts are well-trained to handle these types of situations. Put us to work and know that the scene will be cleaned thoroughly and properly.

You may contact K-VAC Environmental to employ the professional services of a rapid and thorough Rancho Cucamonga bio spill response team. You can call us 24/7/365 (holidays and weekends included) if you have a bio spill event. Our number is 909-476-2308. You may also contact us online by clicking here. Why not call the bio spill experts?  

5 Benefits of Calling a Bio Spill Response Team

No one should attempt to clean a bio spill scene on their own. That's what our professional bio spill response team is here to do. We are hazardous material specialists who understand how containment, decontamination, transportation, and disposal work. We have all of the tools, equipment, and resources to respond to any bio spill scene. Here are 6 reasons why you should call K-VAC Environmental Services:

#1: We are Experts

K-VAC Environmental Services has the training, skills, resources, and certifications that are required to work with body fluids and biohazardous waste.

#2: We Have the Proper PPE

Proper PPEs are required by law to safely clean blood and body fluids. If you do not have PPE, you should not attempt to clean a bio spill scene. To do so might be unsafe and illegal.

#3: We Have the Resources

When you call K-VAC Environmental, we will arrive ready for any cleanup task, no matter how large or small. We have our own fleet, PPEs, tools, and facilities to clean up and legally/ethically dispose of any kind of bio spill materials.

#4: We Can Keep You Safe

Victims of a crime or accident scene - along with the first responders who arrive at these scenes - are often traumatized by what they find. Having to clean up such a scene can be even more traumatizing and put you at risk of contamination of bloodborne pathogens.

#5: We are Effective and Discreet

K-VAC Environmental provides dignified and professional bio spill response services. We will protect the anonymity of everyone involved in the bio spill incident as well as those who are at the scene. K-VAC Environmental Services can fastly and effectively clean up the scene is a quiet manner.

#6: We Do Not Disturb Evidence

In crime scenes or accident scenes, it is advised that all photos are taken before we arrive or begin our cleanup process. K-VAC Environmental works with law enforcement agencies to cleanup bio spills but also to leave evidence in-tact.


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Rancho Cucamonga bio spill response team
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