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Indiana Inpatient Rehab is a pre-eminent addiction treatment center with state of the art infrastructure and exceptional treatment programs. We are one of the very few rehab facilities in Indiana to offer family therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy to treat addiction as well as dual diagnosis.

MET therapies and techniques

Motivational Enhancement Therapy is a kind of psychotherapy used to foster internal change through motivation. MET follows more of an intervention and counseling approach for treating individuals with an addiction condition. MET consists of five critical techniques which help in nurturing change in individuals with addiction issues. These techniques include:

  • Empathy - We encourage our patients to understand and develop feelings of empathy. This helps them to assess as to how their behaviors affect people around them. This motivates them to work towards sobriety. 
  • Thoughts and reality - Most new admits in rehab facilities resist treatment. We motivate recovering addicts to realize the disparity between their thoughts and reality. MET often acts as a reality check for individuals in rehab, which upon realization fuels positive changes.
  • Avoiding arguments - We try to bring out the patients from their denial and defensive mode to acceptance mode. Patients are motivated to develop a positive response and outlook toward treatment.
  • Overcoming resistance - Through MET, we help recovering addicts overcome their resistance to treatment. Therapists connect with recovering addicts on a personal level, to help individuals realize the impact of their addiction and how it affects them and other people. 
  • Self-efficacy - We instill self-confidence in individuals through a variety of MET exercises and help them utilize their strengths to overcome addiction.

We are one of the few rehab facilities in Indiana to use MET techniques in addiction treatment. We help our recovering addicts strive towards their treatment goals through MET techniques.

Motivational enhancement therapy in addiction treatment

MET is a significant part of the addiction treatment program in most rehab facilities, along with other psychotherapies. MET therapists use specific techniques to instigate desired behavioral change in recovering addicts.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a counseling session between a therapist and a recovering addict to evoke internal change through motivation. MET is also known as contingency management, and at our rehab facility, we offer it along with support group sessions for best results in patients.

What is contingency management?

Contingency management is useful mainly in addiction treatment as it falls under the applied behavior analysis part of a treatment program.  It is a highly rewarding addiction treatment approach.

Typically, contingencies are based on goals like abstinence and attendance. Recovering addicts take the form of gift coupons and vouchers, winning prizes, privileges, etc. One of the most significant benefits of this therapy is that they are highly effective in treating both addiction issues as well as dual diagnoses.

Reach out to our team at Indiana Inpatient Rehab to help a loved one overcome addiction. We are one of the few rehab facilities in Indiana to offer affordable treatment programs with the best patient outcome.

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Rehab Facilities In Indiana
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