Rehab Hospital Idaho
Rehab Hospital Idaho

Valley Views is a highly sought-after rehab hospital in Idaho with world-class infrastructure and modern amenities. Our team of passionate and skilled clinical and non-clinical staff offers excellent care and support to our seniors and residents in a safe and home-like environment.

Dementia in seniors

Diagnosing dementia can be challenging and often presents itself with symptoms like a decline in cognitive function, memory impairment, and loss of abilities to engage in everyday activities, etc. Patients suffer from cognitive changes, memory loss, challenges in communication, a decline in visual and spatial abilities, etc. Caregivers need to be extremely cautious with dementia patients and their whereabouts as they can easily get confused and disoriented.

Some memory loss patients may also require assistance with motor functions, coordination, and handling complex tasks. At our rehab hospital in Idaho, we have a team of highly experienced nurses who act as caregivers and offer individualized care to all our dementia patients. We also train our residents on cognitive exercises that involve reasoning and problem-solving to sharpen their mental abilities. With our therapies, we enable dementia patients to handle complex tasks, be more organized, and overcome feelings of anxiety and depression.

Tips to take care of seniors with Alzheimer's

Patients who have Alzheimer's disease can suffer from confusion, disorientation, and a mixture of emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, and depression. It can be extremely challenging and physically draining to care for a loved one that is battling Alzheimer's. Here are some tips on how to take care of a senior with Alzheimer's:

  • Always be there to listen to them and do not fail to reassure them that you'll be there for them.
  • Healthy lifestyle and habits have a major role to play in improving cognitive function in individuals of all ages. Make sure to engage your loved one in regular physical activity like walking, swimming, or jogging, etc. This helps improve mood, protect their joint and muscle health, and helps them have a good sleep
  • Alzheimer's patients often forget to eat and drink enough water. Make sure to nourish them with a well-balanced diet and have them drink enough water to avoid dehydration and constipation in seniors.

Furthermore, engage your senior in social interactions and group activities that they enjoy. This can improve their overall well-being and help them lead a fulfilling and gratifying retirement life.

Who needs cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation is a treatment therapy that comprises exercise, education about lifestyle changes, and offering emotional support to patients’ recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery or other types of heart diseases. It is also highly beneficial for seniors to protect their heart health and to minimize their risk for an array of diseases.

As a part of our cardiac rehab program, our registered dietician works closely with each of our seniors and patients in recovery and creates a custom diet-plan as per their dietary restrictions and preferences. We also offer physical therapy to all our cardiac rehab patients to help them achieve physical fitness.

Contact Valley Views today for more details on our rehab. We are a pioneer rehab hospital in Idaho, and we offer first-class medical care, skilled nursing services, wound care, and other treatments and therapies.

Rehab Hospital Idaho
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Rehab Hospital Idaho
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