Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is crucial for a successful recovery, regardless of the agent used. While some drugs are more prone to lead to relapse, every client must learn to do what is necessary to avoid relapse. At Wildwood Recovery, we carefully teach those recovering, how to identify the early signs of relapse and the steps to reach out for help. A relapse can begin emotionally, such as anxiety, mood swings, isolation, and refusing to go to support meetings; mentally, where you start thinking about your past; and physically, at which time you actually start using again.

With the continuing support available through Wildwood Recovery, your chances of relapse are greatly reduced. We want you to be successful in your treatment regimen; therefore, we provide all the resources needed to help you stay sober and addiction-free. Throughout the treatment process, you will be evaluated for any signs of potential relapse, and your treatment protocol will be adjusted accordingly.