Residential Rehab Thousand Oaks
Residential Rehab Thousand Oaks

Many of our clients have been through inpatient rehab before. However, for many of our clients, this will be their first time in an inpatient treatment center. Admitting that you have a problem that you can't manage and having the resolve to address the issue is a courageous first step. Sadly, fear of the unknown hinders many would-be help-seekers from getting the treatment they need and keeps them stuck in a self-destructive pattern of substance abuse. This doesn't have to be your story! Rehab can be a positive experience. One such residential rehab in Thousand Oaks is Wildwood Recovery.

What's a Day in Residential Rehab Like?

One of the goals of our residential rehab is to provide structure and routine for our clients so; they're not randomly going through the motions. As the old saying goes, "Idle hands are the devil's playground." Idle time often leads to relapse. For this reason, we try to instill the importance of structure and routine in our clients' minds while they are here. Therefore, you can expect a similar routine from day-to-day at Wildwood Recovery.

Meditation in the Morning

Most mornings begin with breakfast and morning meditation. The community meets daily to share their thoughts and readings for the day. The counselors will join the group to address business for the day and to graduate clients who are completing treatment.
Wildwood Recovery believes in educating our clients about the causes and consequences of addiction. This is why we provide our clients with educational lectures followed by group meetings for processing the lecture. Here, clients will be able to share their own stories, ask the lecturer questions, and share their insights regarding the subject matter. Educational lectures focus on teaching patients about the disease of addiction, thinking errors, dual diagnosis and other issues related to chemical dependency.

12 Step Groups

An individual with many years of recovery teaches clients how to work a 12-Step program and implement the 12 Steps in their daily lives. During treatment, patients focus on the first five steps. This is an ideal time for patients to seek out and find a sponsor so they can hit the ground running when they leave our facility. These 12 Step groups are a great way to establish a solid base of support that can last for years to come.

Special Group Meetings Tailored for the Needs of the Individual

What kind of specialized groups are we talking about? These groups typically include Relapse Prevention, Creative Therapies, and Famly Involvement. However, depending on the needs of an individual or the group as a whole, we can cover any number of topics during these meetings, such as Leisure Skills, Anger Groups, Stress Management, and more. Our staff may occasionally pull all of the clients together to discuss an issue as it relates to individual stays, such as cleanliness, household responsibilities, or any grievance that a staff member or client may have.

Don't be Shy About Asking for Help

If you're looking for residential rehab in Thousand Oaks, check out the place that keeps is small and keeps it simple - Wildwood Recovery!

Residential Rehab Thousand Oaks
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