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Residential Treatment Centers in Arizona is better known as inpatient treatment centers. There are several reasons a person may become addicted to drugs and need inpatient care. Some start out doing it for social reasons. They want to make a social statement. It will start out with a milder drug and escalate until it can get to the level of being life-threatening. When this happens, a residential treatment center is necessary.


The first step in drug abuse treatment is detox and withdrawals. The only safe way to withdraw from drugs is in a residential setting with constant medical observation and possible intervention. With this medically controlled environment and nurses that are experienced in helping people through withdrawals, your first step to becoming drug-free can be made a little easier. There are some circumstances when medications can be given to lessen the severity of the symptoms of withdrawal. This is the most intense phase of drug abuse treatment. It generally lasts about two to three weeks.


After the detox phase, you will move into one of the residential treatment centers in Arizona to undergo the next phase. In the inpatient facility, you will start seeing a counselor for individual therapy once or twice a week. Along with this, you will be attending group therapy daily. In group therapy, you will start to rebuild your life. You will learn to lean on other group members and advise each other on problems you are having.  The group sessions will be led by a therapist and address issues that are common to all drug addicts. Different types of therapy may be offered to you as well. These may include art, music, pet, or dance therapy as well as yoga or meditation.  You will begin to form new friendships and learn to trust again. One of the major skills you will learn in this phase is how to prevent relapse. You will discover what triggers cravings and how to resist those.  The amount of time spent in residential treatment depends on the severity of the addiction and your progress during treatment.


The next stage is PHP or partial hospitalization programs.  In this stage, you will attend therapy at the center on a daily basis, but at night you will stay in a group home or a sober house. This is far less restrictive than the inpatient stage, The average stay at a  PHP program is thirty to ninety days.


The last stage you will go through is outpatient care. There are different levels of outpatient care. The first level is intense. You will be attending group and individual therapy from one to five times a week.  In this phase, you will learn how to start living in a society without the use of drugs. Some people finish this in about two or three months, and some are in outpatient care the rest of their life.


Here at Scottsdale Recovery, our staff knows what you are going through and understand what it takes to help you through it. Getting clean and staying drug-free is hard, but with the proper care and support, you can learn to live drug and alcohol-free.

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