Sex Addiction Recovery Chicago

Sex Addiction Recovery Chicago

Sexual addiction recovery has come a long way since centuries ago when people would be stoned for one simple promiscuous behavior. Unfortunately, we are still in the woods because some counselors and therapists have taken the opportunity to introduce new practices for them to lure people into all sorts of sex addiction treatments.

Individuals who classify as sex addicts do not all have the same condition; hence they cannot get the same blanket treatment. You must choose a treatment program that is acutely specific with all your symptoms and will offer comprehensive lessons to address the orientation and speed your full recovery.

Everything about sex addiction recovery

Sex attracts a wide array of beliefs, and the only kind of psychologists who can treat it is open to different doctrines worldwide. The bottom line of our treatment therapy is that we know there is a fine line between healthy and hypersexual behavior, so we aim to get you back to a state of balance with a range of sex addiction treatment programs for your physical urges and behavioral misfits.

When to seek our treatment

There is no definite time you should seek treatment because sexual addiction can manifest at any time, such as after a traumatic experience as an adult or will be seething under the surface since childhood. Most people with sex addiction will also have emotional and mental imbalances and possible drug abuse. It is best not to self-diagnose but to follow your intuition and seek professional help if you feel off-balance with your sexual health.

Treatment options of sexual addictions

The goal of sexual treatment is not absolute abstinence, but that too can be an individual goal for some people. Our goal is to help you recognize the true meaning of healthy sexual attachment and stay away from triggers of unhealthy attachments.

Defining healthy sex

Healthy and unhealthy compulsive sexual behavior is not difficult for the mind to identify because all forms of unhealthy sexual habits always develop into depression and other emotional distresses. Sex is only healthy when it is consensual, and you do not find yourself in bouts of distress weeks or months afterward. Unhealthy sex will have a lot of impulsive behavior and regret because you suffer from uncontrollable physical urges and mental stress that causes depression and obsessive-compulsive behavior.

 How to treat sex addiction

There are two vital approaches to treating a sexual addiction; mindful therapy and physical medication. Both efforts complement one another to create a holistic state of wellbeing so that you can recognize an unhealthy sexual pattern, so your body regulates itself to work usually as it should for positive sexual behaviors. Other therapies available through Off The Crooked Path include:

  • Group therapies
  • Family counseling
  • 12-step programs
  • Individual counseling
  • Medication to address depression and obsessive-compulsive disorders

The benefits of seeking sex addiction treatment far outweigh anything else you could try outside of rehab. We highly recommend that you consider contacting us today to arrange a confidential no-obligation assessment.

Sex Addiction Recovery Chicago