Simi Valley Retirement Community
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Living well during retirement can be incredibly expensive if you arrange senior home services. However, Varenita brings you a packaged value you cannot resist. We’ll arrange a beautiful home for you in the Simi Valley retirement community that boasts all the necessary luxuries you need. Check out our videos to get a glimpse of the possibilities!

Retirement community club benefits

While you are in retirement, you can still save money. With our club membership, you can take advantage of cost savings opportunities when you are moving. Plus, you get a discount for every six-month milestone payment at our retirement home. We have technology subscription benefits too, where you can get a tablet, Alexa, or smart TV for your apartment.

How about credits for the cleaners? Why not lock-in your monthly rental fee for the next five years if you invite up to friends to board. Sounds awesome! These are some of the perks of joining our club membership. You can also host your house warming with up to 15 guests or friends.

Personalized assistant services

If you are forgetful or get disoriented at times, you’ll love our personalized assistant services with Valeo. With this, we learn about your abilities and interests to design programs that enable you. We aim to promote engaging activities that stimulate long-term memory retention. Valeo improves:

  • Engagement
  • Cognition
  • Awareness

Valeo memory archiving solution allows us to recall and preserve legacy memories. Whether it involves family moments, hobbies, or favorite past-times, we’ll leverage these memories to create stimulating constructs.

Living with dementia in a retirement home

Seniors who have memory impairment, often face ridicule and social disconnect because of their condition. As a Simi Valley retirement community that advocates for inclusion, we design our programs to help everyone. We ensure all our residents, including those with dementia, get quality social, physical, and mental stimulation.

Our program coordinators incorporate art/music lessons to help you regain a sense of identity, socialize, relax, and manage stress better. With our Valeo Legacy kit, your family can store these memories for future recollection. It also has a “travel times” feature, which provides mental and physical stimulation to recollect memories. Plus, there’s Vita! A guided intervention courtesy of our wellness team, it involves brainteasers, conversational exercise, sing-a-longs, trivia, and more.

Living independently at a retirement community

We establish trust relationships with our residents, and our community affords you convenient opportunities to be an independent retiree. Our apartments support your independent lifestyle and provide the resources to help you become an accomplished navigator.

Living here will make you feel honored, fulfilled, and valued. No matter your intellectual limitations, disability, and mental, emotional, or physical challenges, our retirement homes enable you. Your well-being, safety, security, and health is our primary priority. From housekeeping to clinical support, our team provides world-class care services.

Never seen Varenita retirement homes, try our virtual house tour online. Don’t put off getting your ticket to Simi Valley retirement community paradise. These are sustainable and affordable homes for your retirement budget. Call (805) 327-1100 to get enrolled today!