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Our Mission

At Wildwood Recovery, our central mission is to alleviate suffering from chemical dependency and position our clients for successful sober living.

We believe in the transformative power of effective treatment, having witnessed – and facilitated – recovery in countless individuals. We honor each client’s decision to seek recovery from drug and alcohol addiction with our commitment to treatment excellence delivered with close and personal care.

Our Core Values

Directed by staff members who have traveled the path to recovery themselves, we offer a dynamic, authentic approach to addiction treatment. Wildwood Recovery’s treatment approach builds upon our core values of respect, awareness, hope and empowerment.

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Recovery With Dignity

At Wildwood Recovery, we believe that every patient deserves to experience the freedom and joy that sober living brings. We treat each client as the unique, worthy and capable individuals they are, partnering with them for success. Regardless of their past actions during addiction, Wildwood teaches clients to exit the perpetual shame experienced chemical dependency and embrace motivation, awareness, and self-esteem.


Promise for the Future

We believe that each client we treat can create a productive life of health, happiness and purpose. Wildwood Recovery staff works with clients to build balanced lifestyles, strengthen coping mechanisms, improve communication skills and forge healthy relationship patterns. Our staff guides clients in wellness exercises, daily meditation, nutrition and fitness instruction, anger management and organizational skills, laying a foundation for a positive future.


Treatment of Mind, Body and Spirit

Wildwood Recovery dedicates itself to treatment of the entire individual, offering treatment that resonates on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. With professional medical intervention woven throughout treatment and in-depth psychotherapy, patients begin to heal in both body and mind. Patients also enjoy natural excursions, yoga, art therapy, spiritual inspiration, and group exercises to strengthen their connection to themselves, others and the world around them.

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Patients as Individuals

Each patient’s experience in recovery is unique, affected by personal history, brain chemistry, physical makeup, and addiction type and duration. We also acknowledge that each client we serve comes with a distinctive personality, learning style and emotional disposition. At Wildwood Recovery, we honor these unique differences, creating customized treatment plans that work best for each client. From detoxification to transitional planning, we customize our core treatment approach to each patient, reviewing and amending therapy in accordance with patient progress.


Continual Recovery

At Wildwood, we know that recovery occurs as a process, not an instant. We commit ourselves to support our clients’ ongoing recovery work, even after successful completion of our program. Through immersion in community 12-step programs, support of family systems, and professional placement in secondary care, each patient receives the tools they’ll need to walk in recovery. Carefully customized after-care planning provides local referrals for continual care, based on an individual’s personal progress and emergent needs during treatment. As part of our commitment to continual recovery, our alumni are welcomed back at Wildwood for daytime sessions to underscore their recovery process, even after graduation.