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In 2008 and 2010 I completed two very high end programs in Malibu and West Los Angeles; however I was unable to stay sober. At Wildwood, I was nurtured by a loving and supportive staff and integrated into the recovering community. By the time I discharged, I had a support network to help me stay sober. I continue to have the staff’s encouragement at every turn. Wildwood’s high end residential setting felt like being the middle of a loving, nurturing home, just like the one I had created in my own home, and one that I, thankfully, have again. I remain sober today, and this is directly due to my experience, at Wildwood Recovery and the education, love and support they provided.

– Nikki H.

My experience at Wildwood was the best treatment I have received for my addiction. It was a quiet relaxing environment, which provided activities like yoga and meditation, which allowed me to find myself again. The staff were all experienced with addiction, which made me feel comforted. The one on one attention you receive from the doctor and counselors cannot compare to any facility in the area. I live now with what I would say are the most effective tools to stay sober. My life has changed and it’s due to the care provided from Wildwood!

– Christa

I was in a bad place with my alcoholism. I needed help but was afraid to ask. I was recommended to Dr. Walter Thomas. His acceptance gave me the hope I was looking for. I am very grateful to him for his encouragement to become a client at Wildwood. I was in Wildwood in November/December 2011. I had never been in a 30 day in-house recovery program. I was afraid and did not know what to expect. I owe my life to Wildwood and the staff members that were there for me 24 hours a day. I am especially grateful to the head counselor who offered me so much compassion. I learned that if I was not willing to surrender and to be completely honest I would not stay sober. I received all the direction and tools I would need to maintain my sobriety. I am 6 months sober as of May 7th and I am truly grateful to everyone at Wildwood. If you are in a bad place, please reach out to Wildwood for help.

– Linda R.
“I would recommend Wildwood Recovery to anyone struggling with chemical dependency. The staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and most of all caring. The accommodations allow for a comfortable and quiet learning environment. I will forever be in debt to Wildwood Recovery for the gift of sobriety.”
– Rob S.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Walter Thomas and the incredible staff at Wildwood Recovery. During my stay as a client, I was extended the utmost respect and professionalism from their qualified doctors, treatment counselors and technicians. Beautiful grounds and a comforting, warm environment provided the safety, security and serenity that I had so desperately needed. Each day is planned on-the-hour with group therapy, individual counseling, doctor assessments, meditation & yoga, family time, equine recreation, art expression, and enjoyable activities such as hiking to waterfalls and movie nights. Delicious, gourmet food is prepared daily and the dining experience in a group-setting promotes casual, leisure time to connect with other clients in a “family” atmosphere. Personal evaluations and both psychological and emotional inventory are assessed daily in an effort to uncover and disclose the underlying causes of addiction and alcoholism, thus eliminating the symptoms. A qualified, caring, and dedicated staff are at your disposal 24-hours a day, providing the optimal care and assistance which you would expect to find only at the most refined recovery homes available. I have remained thus far, 90-days sober, and I owe my success to what I have gained from my experience at Wildwood Recovery.

– Amber B.

The 30 days I spent at Wildwood was one of the most incredible, transformational experiences of my life. The recovery program was customized by Dr. Thomas and the other professionals on staff to address my individual needs. The staff is warm, caring and knowledgeable. The facility is modern, tranquil and beautiful. I was able to learn about my disease of addiction as well as understand how to be free from its deadly grasp. My time at Wildwood helped me to build a strong foundation for my continued sobriety. I will be forever greatful to Dr. Thomas and the staff at Wildwood for saving my life and showing me how to enjoy living a sober life.

– Renee S.

During my stay at Wildwood Recovery I learned many new tools on how to stay sober. The holistic approach that was used gave me the opportunity to experience how valuable I am as a human being, and helped me integrate back into the community. The staff support helped me believe in myself and my abilities to cope with life sober. Dr Thomas and the staff’s professionalism and compassion are a major component in my recovery. Wildwood is called “the house” because it’s a family oriented and loving home. If you are serious and need to surrender to any addiction Wildwood is the place to be. Today by the grace of God, Wildwood Recovery and A.A I celebrate 90 days of sobriety.

Thank you Wildwood.

– Hector V.