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Whether you’re embarking on addiction treatment for the first time, or returning to recovery work after relapse, it’s natural to have questions, concerns and fears about chemical dependency treatment.

We’ve gathered some of most frequently asked questions about our alcohol and drug recovery program below, with straightforward answers to address common concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each patient’s duration of treatment varies, depending on a variety of factors, including addiction history, psychological needs, drugs of choice, and treatment progress. At Wildwood, we offer multiple treatment tracks accordingly, ranging anywhere from 30 days to 90 days.

Wildwood Recovery enthusiastically welcomes families to participate in the treatment of their loved one, offering addiction education, guidance and encouragement for those supporting loved ones in recovery. Weekly family nights offer special activities and groups for relatives, and personalized family and marital counseling sessions can be facilitated.

Wildwood addiction professionals carefully consider medication on an individual basis. Many of our clients at Wildwood benefit from medication to ease symptoms of anxiety, depression, withdrawal and cravings, particularly during the detoxification process.

While fears about the alcohol and drug detoxification process are common, most individuals find these concerns unfounded. Through a combination of modern medicine, careful supervision, and supportive counseling, withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be managed. In most cases, detoxification lasts fewer than two weeks, with symptoms beginning to subside after a few days, giving way to feelings of improved health, mental clarity and overall well-being.

A stay at Wildwood Recovery includes activities aimed at contemplative relaxation and healthy adventure. Wildwood offers a host of therapeutic activities, including nature walks, yoga classes, meditation groups, exercise opportunities, as well as equine and creative arts therapies.

Wildwood Recovery welcomes patients with a variety of mental health struggles. Patients receive thorough psychological assessment, psychiatric diagnosis and medication management, as necessary.

From the outset of treatment, Wildwood Recovery professionals provide full physical and mental health diagnostic tests and interviews to better understand each patient’s unique challenges. Each client’s treatment plan is multidisciplinary and highly customized to create the best possible outcomes for each individual. Treatment plans are reviewed and amended when necessary as recovery progresses, creating a dynamic and adjustable therapeutic process.

Wildwood Recovery is located in Thousand Oaks, nestled within the scenic Conejo Valley. Our clients come from all across Ventura County, from Newbury Park and Oak Park to Agoura Hills and Westlake Village. Many of our clients also come from Los Angeles and Orange Counties, though we are most convenient to the greater Ventura area.

Many patients at Wildwood Recovery use private health insurance coverage to finance their addiction recovery treatment. Wildwood Recovery can prepare invoices for submission to your health insurance company, in order to facilitate cost reimbursement. We provide affordable, accessible payment solutions and invite prospective clients to call us, toll-free, at 1-888-994-5396 to discuss financial particulars.

We offer sumptuous, nutritionally balanced cooked meals in a home dining setting for all of our clients. Our cooks can cater to virtually any special dietary needs upon request.

Many of the clients we treat come to us having relapsed after past drug and alcohol recovery efforts. For many patients, relapse simply indicates further recovery work needs to be accomplished. Relapse prevention is integrated throughout our treatment process. We also offer dedicated transitional planning services, as well as continual after care support to fortify successful recovery.

Each client who completes treatment at Wildwood Recovery receives professional placement in an after care environment, tailored to their individual progress, personal needs and resources. For some patients, graduation means the return to a home environment, while others are best served by placement in a sober living facility to solidify recovery work.

Additional Questions About the Addiction Recovery Process

If you have additional questions about the Wildwood Recovery experience, financial concerns, or other questions about treatment, our intake counselors welcome your inquiries. We invite you to call us directly at 1-888-994-5396 or contact us here.

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