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Alumni Fellowship Program

We recognize the importance of continued care.

Both our residential and outpatient programs encourage continued participation with Wildwood Recovery through two monthly alumni meetings. 

Our Alumni Fellowship Program allows graduates to continue to further their recovery, through celebrating milestones, listening to speakers and re-enforcing their bonds with peers.

This is also a time for graduates to check in with staff and receive referrals. As an important component of our aftercare program, graduates have a life long invitation to attend our alumni meetings.

Fellowship plays a crucial role in addiction recovery for several reasons:

Supportive Community

Fellowship provides individuals in addiction recovery with a supportive community of like-minded individuals who have experienced similar struggles. This community can offer understanding, empathy, and encouragement, which are essential for maintaining sobriety and making positive life changes.

Shared Experience

Within a fellowship, individuals share their personal experiences, challenges, and successes related to addiction and recovery. This shared experience helps break the isolation often felt by those struggling with addiction and allows individuals to learn from one another’s journeys.


Fellowship encourages individuals to be accountable for their actions and choices. Members often establish sponsor-sponsee relationships, where more experienced individuals guide and support newcomers through the recovery process. This accountability fosters personal growth and helps individuals remain committed to their recovery goals.

Diverse group of young people laughing and having fun together

Practical Guidance

Fellowship provides a wealth of practical guidance and resources for addiction recovery. Members can offer advice on various aspects of life after addiction, such as managing triggers and cravings, developing healthy coping mechanisms, rebuilding relationships, and finding purpose and fulfillment in sobriety.

Role Modeling

Seeing others who have successfully maintained long-term recovery can be inspiring and provide hope for individuals who are early in their recovery journey. Fellowship offers opportunities for individuals to connect with role models who can serve as examples of what is possible in recovery, instilling a sense of optimism and motivation.

Social Reintegration

Addiction often leads to isolation and strained relationships. Fellowship provides a safe space for individuals to rebuild social connections and develop healthy relationships with people who understand their struggles. This social reintegration is essential for a well-rounded recovery and a fulfilling life beyond addiction.

Continued Growth and Learning

Fellowship encourages ongoing personal growth and learning. Many fellowships have structured programs and meetings where members can learn about various recovery topics, develop new skills, and deepen their understanding of addiction and its impact on their lives. This commitment to growth helps individuals stay focused on their recovery and maintain a sense of purpose.

Continued Care at Wildwood

Wildwood Recovery’s Alumni following and fellowship in addiction recovery offers a network of support, understanding, guidance, and inspiration. It creates an environment where individuals can connect with others who have faced similar challenges, share their experiences, and continue to grow in their recovery.