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Aftercare & Discharge Planning

Dedicated After Care Support

At Wildwood Recovery, we believe that addiction is a healing process, one that continues on after graduation. As part of our commitment to after care, Wildwood invites our alumni to attend day meetings in order to fortify their initial recovery. Follow-up appointments are made with each patient at least once a month, ensuring compliance with medication, therapy, and recovery goals. Patients are connected with local physicians, psychotherapists and 12-step sponsors so they can continue recovery work after graduation. Outpatient care is expertly coordinated by our staff for those at a distance, providing specialist referrals and professional placement within their local area.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning begins with the initial contact. Goals for discharge are set according to the information obtained during the evaluation and assessment of the mental, physical, social, familial, and psychological status of the client. The plan is continually reviewed in team meetings and modified to keep the treatment consistent with the current status and treatment goals.

The family or support system is included in the discharge planning and aftercare goals. Making a successful transition from early recovery to living sober is a process that has multiple facets. At the time of discharge, the family will have a better understanding of the addiction and ways to facilitate a continued recovery. As a recovering client, you will have the opportunity to continue meeting with professionals and support groups to enhance your recovery. Consistency in following your discharge plan is vital to building your defense against the potential of a relapse. The best steps for your continued recovery are outlined in your discharge plan.

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