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At Wildwood, we are happy to assist you with several options for financing the cost of this specialized and premier treatment.

First and foremost, we offer free Insurance verification and assessment of benefits for every client, who needs treatment. We take on the daunting task of contacting your insurance company and determining not only your benefits but also your insurance eligibility for treatment. Our Insurance Specialists have many years of experience and are able to get the maximum benefit of your insurance coverage.

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We understand that with all the stress and pressure of going through this process, dealing with your insurance company can feel overwhelming.

Our highly skilled insurance team will cut through the red tape and outline your benefits and options at no cost to you.

Some clients prefer to not file claims with their insurance company for their treatment. We are happy to discuss your finance options, available outside of insurance benefits. All this information is available to you at no cost through our admission team. Please contact us soon, so we can discuss your options. We are here to assist and make this process as effortless as possible.

Does My Insurance Cover My Treatment?

The Wildwood Recovery accepts most PPO insurance, but the type of coverage that is provided by insurance companies varies by each individual. Some insurance companies will only cover providers that are in their network. Others may not cover addiction detox or may only pay for a certain length of residential addiction treatment stay. Certain insurance providers reimburse members instead of providers, and require more work on the part of the client to receive the benefits.

Sifting through the information about insurance coverage for drug rehab can be time consuming and confusing. Unfortunately, this task often becomes necessary at a time when an individual or family is facing the daunting challenge of addiction. When you or your loved one is ready to get treatment, you do not want to have to spend hours on the phone with the insurance company trying to figure out if the treatment you need will be covered. So does my insurance cover drug rehab?

Our rehab addiction specialists can help you by providing the answers to your questions about insurance coverage for drug rehab. Our trained admissions staff is standing by to help you determine what kind of drug or alcohol rehab program your insurance company will cover. We are an in network provider with Anthem, Beacon and MultiPlan.

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