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Fitness, Nutrition and Meditation

Fitness and Nutrition

Food and movement are vital parts of life. A healthy mind and body contribute to positive mood and overall wellbeing. Our Fitness and Nutrition program will give clients a clear and simple understanding of food and how it affects our bodies, minds, and moods. We will go into detail on the importance of food during the recovery process and the vital nutrients our bodies need to heal, repair, and thrive on a daily basis. Clients will engage in education and conversation about food and it’s importance in our lives. They will learn what certain foods do for us and how some foods may be affecting us in a negative way. We will discuss our daily needs regarding food intake and the foods we may need to avoid to be healthy and successful in life and recovery.

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Clients will also participate in a weekly fitness routine that a trainer will go through with them.

We will do total body routines that will make them stronger, improve their balance, and make them feel great. These sessions will include total body strength training, cardiovascular exercise, and total range of motion fitness. All sessions will be adjusted accordingly to all personal levels of fitness. These exercises combined will improve their overall health and affect their overall daily well being.


Through meditation and visualization techniques, patients learn to self-soothe, detach from distressing thought cycles, and embrace a positive vision for their future. Clients learn to embrace the principles of mindfulness, positive thought and nonjudgmental experience through daily guided meditation. Trained meditation guides walk clients through meditative practice each day, helping to reduce stress, manage anger and let go of negative cognition’s or unhelpful beliefs.

Clients will leave Wildwood Recovery with the nutritional and physical knowledge necessary to move forward successfully with a healthy mind and body.

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