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Janine Fox has been a State Licensed counselor in both the mental health and drug and alcohol recovery field since 2004. She held the position of Clinical Director and Program Coordinator in two residential treatment facilities from 2005-2011, and was the Program Director from 2005-2017. Janine has a broad range of skills including individual, group, and family recovery counseling. In the last two years Janine has more brought an innovative recovery modality to the treatment setting named The Healing Hounds. This organic process group consists of Janine’s three emotional support dogs and a therapy bunny. In conjunction with the Healing Hounds, Janine facilitates the weekly multi-family support group. Janine believes that family education and learning skills to support without enabling is a critical factor in successful recovery for the client. Janine believes that all people, if given a chance within a supportive environment, can change and move towards a healthier lifestyle.