Specialty Groups

At Wildwood Recovery we offer an array of specialty groups that will help clients acclimate to returning to society and empower them to live more healthy lives.

Yoga is a weekly offering instructed by a certified facilitator. Weather permitting, this class is held on the breathtaking, serene landscapes of beaches in Malibu, California. Sensitive to the different needs of our clients, this is a beginner class that focuses on education and mindfulness.

 Animal Therapy
Animal Therapy is offered twice a week and conducted by certified Addiction Counselors. Our first group takes place on site and utilizes dogs, cats and rabbits with the primary intention of easing anxiety. This group provides a safe and relatable environment for clients to share. Our second group is located offsite on a ranch in Thousand Oaks, California. This modality utilizes horses for a therapeutic experience that is well documented to foster personal growth and team building skills.

Our certified fitness instructor comes to work with clients onsite once a week. The instructor assesses each client’s physical ability and following focuses on their strengths and improving areas of weakness. This group takes place in a safe environment that promotes a healthier lifestyle. In addition, we have Alumni or Fellowship volunteers that donate their time to give back to other individuals in recovery. Fitness activities include, taking clients on walks around the beautiful hills of Wildwood Regional Park.

Motivational Education
Motivational Education provides clients an outlet to become more aware of their inherent ability for mindfulness, self-growth and honoring the journey of recovery. These groups are translated best by films and inspirational stories especially designed to empower and inspire.

 Nutrition Focused Education
On a weekly basis, our experienced nutritionist joins clients onsite to work on educating them on the importance of nutrition in recovery. Our instructor brings in healthy snacks, recipes and new perspectives towards food. Clients are taught to respect food and their bodies while also implementing new and fun self-care habits.

Music Therapy
Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals with a credentialed professional. Research supports its effectiveness in areas such as, facilitating movement, increasing motivation for treatment, emotional support and providing an outlet for the expression of feelings.